Grant Matthew Jenkins has published in three genres, including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. See descriptions and links below for more information.


Margolis Santos, a charismatic film professor in her prime, risks her career and life to uncover sexual corruption inside her university’s football program where rich boosters pay sorority girls to have sex with star recruits. Read an excerpt on Wattpad. Available for pre-order on Amazon and through the author’s website.


“What happens when poetry becomes a thrilling late night conversation? The co-authored poems in Morphs explore new ways of thinking and writing and living that were always available for people willing to take the risk of responding to each other. The back and forth leaps, jump cuts, and startling juxtapositions in these poems offer the electrifying weave, slant, and break of writers creating their own common ground.”
—Mark Wallace
Available on Lulu.


Objectivist, Black Mountain, and Language poets in terms of the ‘new’ ethical criticism inspired by the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas. Available in hardcover at Amazon and as an e-book at U of Iowa Press.

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