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What people are saying about Ivory Tower:

Intriguing, smoothly-written…Jenkins has made an impressive start as a novelist.

Publisher’s Weekly Editor’s Pick

A fast-paced thriller that tackles contemporary issues with confidence and insight. Jenkins gives voice to a wide variety of characters, demonstrating how complex real-world conflicts often are. This is a book you won’t want to put down, won’t want to end, and will be glad you read.

William Bernhardt, author of The Last Chance Lawyer and the Ben Kinkaid series

This is an engrossing, evenly paced drama about how a woman lost in her own world discovers a real sense of purpose in helping other women. Suspense fans with an interest in current events will thrill to this riveting, insightful deep dive into corruption at an elite university.


College life, football, corruption, and persistent maneuvering are the backdrop for this impressive #MeToo debut novel. Quick moving with a strong female character make this a welcome read.

Cheryl Pallant, author of Ginseng Tango and Writing and the Body

Ivory Tower is the new crime thriller by Grant Matthew Jenkins about Margolis Santos, a charismatic film professor in her prime, who risks her career and life to uncover sexual corruption inside her university’s football program where rich boosters pay sorority girls to have sex with star recruits.

A novel for the #MeToo era, Ivory Tower tackles the culture of rape and sexual exploitation ripped from the headlines inside big-time college sports.

When we find Margolis, she’s embroiled in a sex scandal of her own that sends her life into a tailspin. In the trial-by-fire of her own scandal, Margolis learns what really matters—her family and fighting for justice—so she decides to make a film about sexual assault on campus. That’s when she slowly discovers the horrifying truth about what’s going on inside the football program and the Theta house. She has to stop it. The trouble is, her husband, Frank Sinoro, is the head football coach and her daughter loves the sorority, so she has to make a choice. Margolis has to find a way to save her family, while also saving the women on campus and, eventually, her own soul.


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More praise for Ivory Tower:

Timely and fearless, Ivory Tower by Grant Matthew Jenkins is a resonant meditation on power, family, and sexual predation that rings particularly poignant in today’s social climate.

Self-Publishing Review

In Grant Matthew Jenkins’ Ivory Tower, Athens University is rotting from the inside out and the outside in. It is a place pervaded with boosters (mendacious and rapacious), sex (toward and untoward), and the stench and joy of big-time football (wins, losses, and Faustian bargains). Jenkins reveals a university underbelly both chillingly dark and barely subcutaneous. Through it all is a filmmaker, professor, and ex-wife of the coach, Margolis Santos, who is trying to right the wrongs, not just of a crime and a coverup but of a culture—a culture where money and prestige are king and where those caught in the athletic Gomorrah are swallowed whole.

Barry Friedman, author of Road Comic and Funny You Should Mention It
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