Half-way through 2nd novel!

I reached a milestone today that I wanted to share with everyone: I have drafted half of my my latest project, a novel. I know that my 1st novel has not even been officially released, but I was so inspired by this latest story that I was compelled to start it right away.

All I can say about the book right now is that it is a thriller that retells the plot of a famous film from the perspective of the femme fatale. As the protagonist of Ivory Tower argues in one of her lectures, the women of film noir are the most degraded and underrated characters in the history of Western story-telling. I couldn’t agree more!

Once I identified the twist that would allow us to see this vamp as a hero, the story has stuck with me and, now that I have finished the 1st book, just flowed out of me.

Would you like a hint?

Ok, here’s one: the original story (in the film, not the book, which is really another hint, you’re welcome) revolves in part around a famous hair-do.

So any guesses? Famous hair-do. Ring any bells?

Published by gjenkins01

I am a writer, scholar, and teacher who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

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