Ivory Tower is a #1 Best Seller!

Two weeks before its official release, my novel, Ivory Tower, is #1 on the fiction chart in Oklahoma, according to The Daily Oklahoman. That photo is a screenshot of the online edition. I’m so excited! First of all, thank you to everyone who has bought a copy so far – you’re the ones who putContinue reading “Ivory Tower is a #1 Best Seller!”

Proof and Publication Date

I think we’ve finally figured out all the problems with the proof copy of Ivory Tower, but considering all of the issues I’ve had and time I’ve spent on it, I’ve decided to push the release date of the book back to Feb 1. That will give me time to get hard and electronic copiesContinue reading “Proof and Publication Date”

An Inspiration

As I was working on Ivory Tower, so many relevant stories were happening in the news that made writing my novel feel like writing non-fiction: the multiple rape cases at Baylor, the prostitution ring in the basketball program at Louisville, the protection of a prized athlete and alleged sexual predator at my own institution. ButContinue reading “An Inspiration”