Author’s Marketing Journey, pt 3

Today, I focused on connecting with bloggers, either requesting reviews of my novel, Ivory Tower, or asking to be part of a blog tour. If you have never heard of a “blog tour,” check out this great explanation by children’s book author, Nick Jones, on …

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Author’s Marketing Journey Pt 2 – What is an Advance Info or “Sell” Sheet?

In my last post, I included an image of the Advanced Info Sheet (AIS) for my novel, Ivory Tower. Here it is again, in case you missed it: This document is used by publishers (like yourself) to inform venues, magazines, reviewers, and distributors about a …

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My Author’s Marketing Journey

I’ve decided to start blogging about my marketing and promotion plan as an independent author in the hopes that other writers, debarking on the path to publishing a book, might benefit from my process, mistakes, and ideas. First of all, a little about myself. I …

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Ivory Tower, a novel

Ivory Tower is the new novel by Grant Matthew Jenkins in which intrepid film professor, Margolis Santos, rallies a ragtag band of women to take on a corrupt university football program that is paying sorority girls to sleep with start recruits.

A novel for the #MeToo era, Ivory Tower tackles the sexual assault scandals that have rocked big-time college football since Southern Methodist University received the dreaded ‘death-penalty’ in 1987 for violations of NCAA. Since then cases of sexual exploitation, assault, and corruption have plagued university athletics programs all over the country.

Read how Prof. Santos and her intrepid band of fed-up women take on billionaire boosters, a university president, and the culture of rape at Athens University in a desperate attempt to break up this illegal scheme to make football king again on campus.

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